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February  Monthly Luncheon

Sponsored By JK Janitorial
02.06.18 | FW Petroleum Club

Time and again, we are deluged with generational stereotypes that point out how we are all different. Baby Boomers are workaholics and like face-to-face meetings, while GenXers focus on self-reliance and prefer to complete tasks quickly, and Millennials expect immediacy and see work as a means to an end. The reality, however, is that there are a lot of similarities. Using stereotypes to find differences only encourages misunderstanding and miscommunication. By learning the similarities and preferences of each group we can see the value in all individuals with which we work.

Join us at our February Monthly Luncheon as we dive into the Generational Similarities with Dr. Stevie Dawn Blakely. The luncheon is at Petroleum Club of Fort Worth (777 Main Street) located in downtown Fort Worth.

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