Taxed Out of Town

Will your employer be “taxed out of town”? Without appraisal district and property tax reform, major Texas cities face the challenge of retaining businesses within their borders. Many are unaware that commercial real-estate property taxes are paid by the businesses who lease space in Texas. Uncontrolled valuation increases have placed an incredible financial burden on our Texas businesses – from the major corporations to the mom and pop establishments.

Taxed out of Town is committed to finding solutions on Texas property taxation that do not place unnecessary burden on commercial property owners, their tenants, small businesses and residents. We encourage you to contact your state elected officials in Texas and continue the conversation throughout the upcoming legislative session. Click here to contact your legislator and tell them you don’t want Texas businesses to be taxed out of town!

Let’s show lawmakers that Texans understand commercial property taxation is putting economic growth and jobs at risk – for both the public and private sector!